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Changing the Flower Delivery Game

Founder & CEO of Pavé Fleur

Lilit Khatchaturian

Lilit has 14 years of industry experience. She got her start at Sky Flowers, her mother’s flower shop, following her graduation from UCLA & her work at Ernst & Young as an auditor. She used her Business/Economics degree to take her mother’s flower shop from a two-person operation to a world-renowned event production company, whose clientele ranges from celebrities and five-star hotels to Fortune 500 companies. Lilit has always pushed boundaries. With insights from her mentor, top floral and event designer, Preston Bailey, she and her team took Sky Event Production to the top of their industry.

In 2012, Lilit noticed a void in the floral industry. She was regularly asked by clients if Sky Flowers could ship their designer arrangements. Unfortunately, the answer was always “no,” due to the lack of a system being in place that could ensure complete customer satisfaction. There was no way Lilit could guarantee the quality and standards of Sky Events’ arrangements while using the current floral delivery system. That gave Lilit an idea, and Pavé Fleur was born.

The PAVÉ Way

Best place to order flowers online

Lilit and her team spent years designing a revolutionary system that allows her signature floral arrangements to be delivered anywhere in the country within 24 hours. By removing the need to outsource to third-party florists and shipping directly from their facility, they are able to guarantee customers will receive exactly what they order. For the first time, fresh flower delivery come beautifully packaged in elegant gift boxes, with no fillers or fluff… only premium florals, the Pavé signature style. Pavé’s ready-to-display patented system includes water and nutrients, removing the hassle of cutting stems, finding a vase, watering and adding packets of “flower food”. Recipients simply unbox and enjoy their long lasting arrangements.

Lilit and Pavé Fleur are setting out to challenge the current standard of the floral industry and give customers an exciting new way to experience flowers.


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