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The Meaning of Rose Colors

The Meaning of Rose Colors

Mother Nature has been lavish enough to give us the unique chance to admire the beautiful colors and odor of rose - widely considered the queen of flowers. People have been giving roses to each other for ages with various intentions, feelings and emotions. And it’s the people who invented stories about the meaning of different colors of this gorgeous flower.

Of course, there are hundreds of different shades and gardeners’ mixed colors, but we’re going to present some short information on the meaning of the most widely spread colors of rose.

Let’s go a bit deeper in colors to add a special meaning to your gift.

Red Roses
Probably the most famous color for those deeply and passionately in love, as red roses are the traditional symbol of love and romance, and will always stay the classic way to say "I love you." Send them to tell her how perfect she is.

Yellow Roses
Yellow arouses feelings of joy and welcome, roses of this color are symbols of friendship and care. Unlike the red roses, they show pure emotions, without any shade of romance.

Orange Roses
As the red rose means passion, love and the yellow rose means friendship, orange roses are often a bridge between these two emotions, mainly expressing enchantment.

Pink Roses
Pink roses are the ambassadors of gentle emotions of admiration, joy or gratitude. They are also given to emphasize the elegance and grace.

Blush Roses
Appreciation and admiration are best described by a bouquet of these light pink roses. They are always there to express your high homage towards the recipient.

Green Roses
Cheer up those who you care about, send them a box of green roses as a symbol of life and growth, show them the life is wonderful.

Lavender Roses
Did you see someone and felt love at first sight? Lavender rose is your best friend to tell your emotions towards that special one.

Peach Roses
If you want to be grateful to someone, choose peach-colored rose. Show your appreciation and say "Thank You!" in a unique way.

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