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Green Hydrangeas

Green Hydrangeas

Flowers are the natural beauties without which we can't imagine any party or occasion. Among the hundred thousands of flowers around the globe there is an original, full blooming flower - Hydrangea, also nicknamed “Change Rose”.

There are around 75 species of hydrangeas being admired mostly by Asians, specifically the Japanese. The name Hydrangea comes from Greek and roughly translates to "water jar". Maybe the Greeks gave it the name referring to hydrangea’s need for plenty of water and its cup-shaped flowers.

Hydrangeas are popular plants, beloved for their impressive foliage and long-lasting blooms available in a variety of colors. They are loved for their ability to flourish in cool and damp shade, though some types are mostly used to heat and drought.

As for the symbolism, people believe that the hydrangea symbolizes everything that is deeply heartfelt, and use the way of sending a bouquet to thank the recipient for understanding. Hydrangeas are also considered the flower of 4th wedding anniversary meaning gratefulness and pride.

Although their normal blooming color is blue, pink or white, one can often notice green hydrangea flowers at some point during the season. So what’s the reason hydrangea flowers bloom green? To understand this, we should know that those colorful flowers are not actually flower petals but rather, sepals - part of the hydrangea to protect the flower bud. The sepals are naturally green and as they age, the pigments of white, pink, or blue overpower the green. That’s the cause of hydrangea blossoms to change colors and fade to green with time.

But there’s another story about the green color of hydrangeas. Its flowers will change colors once they are exposed to longer days of light. Light gives the plant the power it needs to change color. As the days shorten, the hydrangea turns to green as the white, pink, or blue pigments will lose energy and start to fade away. And again the green color comes to reign.

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